Silo Vents
We offer the industry's only Internal Dust filter system standard with our LoPro Silos and WAM Stainless Pulse Jet Silo Vents on all Stationary and Tip Up Silos.
Mtw Silo Vent
​* 250 Sq. Ft. Filter Cartridge
* 48" Tall x 30"  Diameter
* 600 CFM Air Flow
* Weight 300 Lbs
* 110V Solenoid Activator
* 110V Plug-in Timer
* Diaphragm Valve
* Cleaning Nozzle
* Requires 100-125 PSI
   thru 1" line to purge filter

FIBRE:                            100% Spun-Bond Polyester
WEIGTH:                         8.1 oz./Square yard
CONSTRUCTION:              Non-Woven Spun-Bond

BIA RATING:                    U.S.G.& C.
AIR PERMEABLITY:            28CFM/Square Foot @ ½" W.G.
TENSILE STRENGHTH:        219 Lbs. - Warp Direction
 (2" STRIP)                       225 Lbs. - Fill Direction
THERMAL STABILITY:         2% Maximum @ 275 deg
FINISH:                          Calendared, Heat Set, Fabric
EFFICIENCY:                    99.9% @ .5 micron after cake

MTW Silo Vent
MTW Silo Vent
MTW  New Internal Dust Filter requires no air or power (for LoPro Silos)
This is the standard Vent on our LoPro silos.
It requires NO Air or Power and is very effective. All dust falls back into silo.
This type of filter will have a 6" exhaust pipe with a 4" coupler beside the 4" fill pipe. After silo is filled and delivery truck has blown fill-hose absolutely clean, couple truck fill-hose to 6" exhaust pipe with 4" coupler on the end. Blow absolutely clean air into exhaust pipe for 3 seconds to purge filter. This process must be repeated after each fill.

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Internal Filter

Stainless Pulse Jet Silo Vent
Stainless Pulse Jet Silo Vent
Stainless Pulse Jet Silo Vent